Giving Opportunities

Every gift to Mosaic Life Care Foundation makes a positive impact, and we want giving to be a joyful experience. We are here to listen and learn about your interests and passions. Whether you choose to support a specific program or allow us to direct your donation to the area of greatest need, we appreciate each and every gift.

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Healthy Today

As a part of Mosaic Life Care, we know everyday people count on our caregivers for exemplary medical care. At Mosaic Life Care Foundation, we see the long hours, love and compassion our Mosaic caregivers pour into their work just to help us all live a healthy life. The Foundation actively seeks ways to philanthropically support advancements in patient care across Mosaic Life Care.

Why? Because just like you we want the best care possible, right here in our hometown.

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Healthy Tomorrow

Together, Mosaic and the Foundation are committed to Life Care. This is the understanding that healthy living involves more than going to the doctor. We recognize the habits of healthy living start early in our homes and schools.

What does it take to grow up healthy? How do we empower young people to commit to the future of health in our communities?

At emPowerU, the Foundation provides civic engagement programs where youth are encouraged to think creatively, work collaboratively and problem solve real-life challenges and opportunities. A healthy tomorrow starts with empowering the young people of today.

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Healthy Together

Mosaic caregivers know they cannot create the healthy, vibrant communities we all want to see for our children and grandchildren alone. This is our hometown, and we are your hospital.

The Foundation values partner opportunities with schools, organizations and you. Together, we can create healthy, livable communities for generations to come.