Convene people, organizations and communities to thrive

Healthy Together

Mosaic caregivers know they cannot create the healthy, vibrant communities we all want to see for our children and grandchildren alone. This is our hometown, and Mosaic Life Care is your hospital.

The Foundation values partner opportunities with schools, organizations and you. Together, we can create healthy, livable communities for generations to come.

FY22 Scholarship Dollars Awarded
FY22 Grant Dollars Awarded

Character education emPowers

Practicing positive character traits allows youth and adults the opportunity to grow and thrive in their relationships.

Think Ahead Works®

Offers youth educational programming, small business co-working support and a commercial kitchen.


Since 1984, more than $15 million has assisted youth service-learning projects and workforce development.


Since 1984, the Foundation has awarded 2,437 academic scholarships totaling over $2 million.