A Mission-Driven Educational Venture

Think Ahead Works®

Think Ahead Works®  is Mosaic Life Care Foundation’s satellite facility in King City, MO.  This creative space houses several programs including:

  • emPowerU programming focused on civic engagement and responsibility
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) youth programs
  • Co-working space for entrepreneurs and others in need of an office environment
  • Commercial Kitchen for local food producers



This creative space houses several Foundation programs including emPowerU programming and STEAM youth activities.

Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen
A co-working commercial kitchen was added to support local food producers expand their business market. It is available to potential business owners, bakers and farmers to give support and equipment to grow their business. The commercial kitchen features a convection oven, three-bay sink, stainless steel workspace and has been certified by the Gentry County Health Department.


Think Ahead Works currently has three tenants using our space. Those in the region may rent use our commercial kitchen or learning lab. Space is available to future renters.
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Commercial Kitchen | 107 W. Vermont St.

Diamond H. Elderberry Farms, LLC.

Learning Lab | 105 W. Vermont St.

Restore Hope Oils

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Donna Gibson

Special Projects Coordinator

(816) 271-7488


105-107 W. Vermont St.

King City, MO 64463

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