Every person counts!

Mosaic Life Care Foundation’s mission-critical work depends on a lot of people being involved!

We are always looking for dedicated individuals who enjoy giving back to the community. High school students wanting service hours, retirees desiring to serve by sharing their expertise, working professionals who want to be involved and learn from other, and anyone who can spare either a little or a lot of time are welcome.  

Mosaic Life Care Foundation has immediate openings for volunteers. Whether you are looking at a couple of hours or want to make a greater investment of time, Mosaic Life Care Foundation invites you to join the expanding regional team.

The following are the key areas open now. To learn more about these opportunities or to just visit about how your unique talents, skills, and interests may match other areas of Mosaic Life Care Foundation’s work not listed here, please contact us.

(e2) education emPowers® Action Teams:

Are you interested in maintaining and growing the population of America’s heartland as well as increasing the “value of place” for those living here? Making a difference in a healthier and wealthier way starts with educational attainment and having an attitude open to learning. Become part of a grassroots movement focused on the message that education empowers better jobs, better wages, healthier people, and thriving communities throughout our region.

emPowerU Council:

Do you enjoy youth and learning about current issues? Middle school students immersed in a day at emPowerU discuss current-issue challenges, conduct research, collaborate as a group sharing diverse perspectives, and develop formal presentations that address these issues.The final part of their day features the students presenting their ideas as recommendations to a mock council of caring adult volunteers. It’s fun; it’s a commitment of only 60-90 minutes, and is something you can sign up to do as little or as often as your schedule permits.

Office Assistance:

Do you like to file, make copies, enter data, research the Internet, and/or support programming, communications, and general operations in another way? We have several times during the work week that we welcome volunteer assistance.

Special Events:

Do you like to plan and host parties? Our events all require many of the same areas of expertise whether they are our annual fundraiser, regional gatherings like the Think Ahead Forum, or smaller gatherings.

Testimonials from Mosaic Life Care Foundation Volunteers

“It was a great experience and I was very inspired by the presentations.”—Sarah W., emPowerU Adult Council Volunteer, 2015 Evaluation Form

“Serving on this committee is a great experience. The process was smooth, information to guide us in our work was provided, and the team members were all supportive of each other. I am very glad to be a part of this team.”—Mosaic Life Care Foundation Volunteer, 2015 Survey

“I love coming here. Everyone is willing to share their expertise, and I feel like I can contribute.”—Mosaic Life Care Foundation Volunteer, 2015 Survey

“Everything was organized and I felt my time and effort was valued and appreciated.”—Mosaic Life Care Foundation Volunteer, 2015 Survey