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e2 Fellowship

Bringing youth and adults together to lead change in our region

The e2 Fellowship is a 4-day intergenerational leadership program open to teams of three (two high school students and one adult sponsor) in our 31 county service region. The program enhances the skills of emerging and experienced leaders. It is designed to deepen the commitment to education and develop the skills necessary for creating healthy and thriving communities.

Mosaic Life Care Foundation has recognized time and again the power of cross-sectorial and cross-generational collaboration. Other respected voices in today’s American culture agree with our experience. According to an article in The Huffington Post, “The best news is that cross-generational collaborations can be extraordinarily powerful . . . When the generations connect, their work is dramatically enhanced: more sustainable, more creative, more energized, [and] more connective.” The article goes on to say that young people tend to be more idealistic, greater risk-takers, technology literate, and creative thinkers, while the older generation brings valuable skills, a lifetime’s worth of personal connections, and leadership experience.


“I am learning how to recognize opportunities to help the community and in the meantime I continue to grow in my ability to work with others.” – e2 Fellowship Youth Graduate

“I just thoroughly enjoy this program.  I don’t think there is anything else like it in the area and is therefore a critical and valuable asset to developing future leaders.” – e2 Fellowship Adult Graduate

Experience . . . 

  • A leadership journey that challenges your influences and identifies your core values
  • Free space where you are empowered and working with intergenerational leaders
  • Listening to a successful leader’s story of their real-life leadership challenge and collaboratively recommending how you would solve the struggle
  • Beginning an expedition where you are the architect of this region’s future

Program Details

  • Challenge-based learning strategy led by trained facilitators
  • Four program days spread throughout the academic year
  • Registration open to teams of three (two high school students and one adult sponsor) from our 31 county service region
  • $375 fee per team of three (four program days, lunch included)

2020-2021 Program Dates Coming Soon!

e2 Fellowship program dates and registration information are available in the late spring of each year.