Dr. Gaddie’s February Update

We heart innovation.

There is just something magical about a new and unpredictable experience. This fascination has traveled through centuries of our history dating back to the first World’s Faire hosted in London, 1851. We all can recall a time when something we touched, observed or tasted something that sparked new thought and changed what we though was previously possible. I can remember as a young child placing my hand on a van-de-graph ball and being amazed when my very long hair stood strait up off my head.

Heartland Foundation will soon bring the Big Muddy Maker Faire back to St. Joseph.  We believe events like the Maker Faire play a key role in giving people of all ages a one-day experience to build the innovation needed to solve some of the challenges we face building healthy communities. Like you, we know that to build long term health, we need innovative thinkers. Together, we can more fully embrace key relational areas of community health such as agriculture, energy, manufacturing, and environmental conservation.

The Big Muddy is an invigorating day with a little science fair, and a little show and tell all mixed together. We invite you to be a part of this unique experience.

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