Dr. Gaddie’s September Update


As this month’s e-letter is delivered to your inbox, the Heartland Foundation caregivers along with our Board of Trustees, Mosaic Life Care caregivers, and volunteers will be on the rooftop of the Downtown Mosaic Parking Garage preparing for this year’s annual Ignite fundraiser. Event features includes an array of regional caterers, live music and fireworks. The purpose of this event is to raise funds so underserved youth in our region have the opportunity to attend and participate in our summer STEAM camps.

As one camp attendee shared this past summer, “Camp at emPowerU means we get to try and create something on our own. The instructors do not tell us what to do. They give us the space to try it our way. That is why I want more kids to come and have fun.” I invite you to join us by supporting the Ignite event. If you are unable to attend, there are a variety of opportunities to still be involved. Visit our event website: Ignite Bidding for Good for your chance to bid on auction items and make a donation.

Together, we will ensure that more children in our region have the opportunity o experience STEAM Camps and the opportunity to try something new their own way.

With warmest regards,


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