Volunteers Show Appreciation for Caregivers

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a bright light to be found in the acts of kindness by Mosaic Life Care volunteers. 

Volunteer services may be suspended at Mosaic Life Care due to the pandemic, but that does not stop the volunteers from showing appreciation to the caregivers. Forty volunteers assisted in writing more than 4,000 cards to the Mosaic Life Care at St. Joseph, Medical Center, Mosaic Medical Center – Maryville and Mosaic Medical Center – Albany health care heroes. 

Bob Tanner, who has volunteered with Mosaic for more than three years, spent his time under quarantine writing notes of appreciation to caregivers. Tanner said it is important to recognize and appreciate the caregivers in the medical center. 

It is because of their professional and caring attitude to all patients and guests along with their attention to detail of every question asked to them,” Tanner said. “They show devotion to providing the best care in their field.” 

Mosaic Life Care’s pursuit to care for those impacted by COVID-19 exemplifies commitment and dedication to protecting the health of the northwest Missouri region. The community continues to express their thanks to Mosaic caregivers for the collaborative and compassionate service provided as we all work to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and provide exceptional patient care. 

Amy Wiedmaier, Mosaic Life Care director of auxiliary and volunteer services, said there is a variety of ways to give back to Mosaic Life Care caregivers. 

From thank you letters to homemade masks, volunteers are a huge support for the region,” Wiedmaier said. “Call your neighbors and family to check on them, write thank you notes, let your kids create art to inspire others and try to help those in need.” 

Whether it is donating a meal to caregivers or writing a note for support, you can help in the fight against COVID-19. Mosaic Life Care Foundation has established a COVID-19 support page where residents can learn more information on how to help or make a monetary donation: mlcfoundation.com/covid-19.