Dr. Gaddie’s December Update

Dr. Gaddie’s December Update


With holiday happenings well underway and as we inch closer to the end of 2020, please know how much the Foundation appreciates each of you for your dedication to our region. This past year has tested the resiliency of us all. Throughout everything, it has been an honor to lean in and continue as an innovative partner.  As you read through this newsletter, please note the arrangement of stories and information. The groupings, highlighted by blue, green, and teal, reflect our desire to create a Healthy Today, a Healthy Tomorrow and to be Healthy Together. Throughout each section, you will read about some of our Top Five FY20 celebrations, as well as information in preparation for the new year.

On behalf of our Board of Trustees, our team of caregivers and volunteers, it is truly an honor to champion education, cultivate youth empowerment and support exceptional healthcare. Enjoy reflecting on the good memories and contemplate something that prepares you for the future. We all know the power of learning from what has happened – how we will react to a similar opportunity again. As our December Character Trait suggests – looking beyond ourselves to help others in need helps lead to a compassionate environment. Together, we can help those in need and better understand the power of this involvement.

With warmest regards,



*To learn more about our Top Five FY20 celebrations, please contact us for a copy of our annual report.