Teaching the Importance of Volunteerism

Teaching the Importance of Volunteerism

Teaching the importance of volunteerism is a life-long lesson that many of our Mosaic caregivers have instilled in their children. 

Jessica Blanton, Director — Solution Center SS, volunteered for five years as a candy striper in the obstetric unit at what was formerly Heartland West. As a young girl, Jessica, wearing her red and white striped uniform, would ride to work with her mother to volunteer several hours each week. Jessica’s mother, Jennifer Scott, was employed as an OB secretary/communications desk representative for over 25 years before her passing in 2002. 

Now, Jessica’s daughter, Genna Blanton, volunteers at Mosaic. Jessica said it is important to instill volunteerism into Genna, as it is a different type of giving than donating money or items to a cause. 

“It is the giving of your time, which, over the years, I have found to be so precious,” Jessica said. “During your time of service, especially in your teen years, there is so much to learn about life, people and being a kind human being. Today, that is what is important, giving of yourself in service, and just being a kind human being.” 

As a third-generation volunteer, Genna Blanton came to Mosaic as a Hillyard Technical Center Health Occupation intern, providing assistance to our caregivers and patients in the ICU. After school ended, she wanted to continue to serve at Mosaic. Now, she volunteers as an emergency room attendant assisting caregivers, patients and visitors with their needs and requests. 

We appreciate our other student volunteers whose parent(s) work with Mosaic: 

Alisha Gupta, Guest Relations, daughter of Sameer Gupta, MD 

William Hausman, Healing HeARTS, son of Aimee Hausman, emPowerU facilitator 

Jamie Noe, Emergency Department, daughter of Brian Noe, clinical informatics analyst RN 

Sophia Nguyen, Patient Registration, daughter of Suu Duong, pharmacist, and Chau Nguyen, MD 

Matthew Sandoval, Emergency Department, son of Joanne Quilon, MD 

Logan Shoots, Patient Registration, son of Amy Shoots, access representative 

“Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.” – Minor Myers Jr.