Mosaic Life Care Foundation Announces Children’s Discovery Center

Mosaic Life Care Foundation Announces Children’s Discovery Center

Mosaic Life Care Foundation is pleased to announce plans to build a Children’s Discovery Center in downtown St. Joseph.

The center will be located at the Plymouth Building and will include more than 15 core exhibits, a traveling exhibit, birth to 18-month-old space, an exploratorium on the rooftop along with a gift shop and café.

Mosaic Life Care Foundation President, Julie Gaddie, PhD, said the Foundation is excited to be planning the Children’s Discovery Center.

“The Children’s Discovery Center will provide our community with an atmosphere that inspires children and their families to play, learn, imagine and create,” Gaddie said. “Proposed programming and partnerships focus on a healthy mind, body, and community through nutrition, physical and mental exercise, imaginative play, peer engagement and social awareness experiences.”

Construction funding partners include Mosaic Life Care, Mosaic Life Care Foundation and a portion of American Rescue Plan funds allocated to Buchanan County and the City of St. Joseph.

Andrea Robinson, chair of the Foundation’s Children’s Discovery Center committee, said as a longtime resident and active civic volunteer, she cannot remember a more exciting time for our community.

“To have the City, the County, the hospital and the Foundation all come together and say, ‘Yes! Children are indeed the future and deserve this state-of-the-art, educational facility to help them grow to be a healthy member of our society,’ is nothing more of epic!” Robinson said.

Catton & Co. will head the project.

Mosaic Life Care Foundation is a think ahead organization focused on building healthy and thriving communities through education and empowerment.