Generational Talent

Generational Talent

For generations, one local family has produced multiple talented artists.

Nearly three years ago, Mosaic Medical Center – Albany researched the possibility of having The Art Experience at their medical center. Susan Bridges, mother of former Mosaic Medical Center – Albany President Jon Doolittle, is an artist who welcomed this opportunity. In fall 2021, the first exhibits of The Art Experience were installed.

Jon and Jeni Doolittle are a sponsor of The Art Experience at Mosaic Medical Center – Albany, in memory of Susan’s parents, Carl O. and Eleanor P. Smith.

Today, Susan has family ties to seven of the 16 pieces of artwork currently on display in the halls of the medical center.

Ann Hogue, Susan’s sister, has been an art educator for decades and has submitted artwork to two installations of The Art Experience.

While a student at Albany High School, Susan’s granddaughter, Sara Doolittle, created many pieces, one of which is an oil painting of a mother and child currently on display. Sara is now pursuing a career in the medical field and her artwork represents the desire to care for others.

Susan’s most meaningful submissions are in honor of those family members who are no longer with us.

A watercolor painting of a red tail hawk landing on a branch was carefully created by Susan’s late son, Ryan Doolittle.

“I thought it would be meaningful to submit his work as I felt it would be a tribute to the efforts of Jon and Jeni Doolittle, who made the wall possible, and to honor Ryan’s memory and that of his grandparents,” Susan said.

Susan’s mother-in-law, Lydia Bridges, loved the medical center and considered her physical therapy a social event and the best part of her week. Lydia was mentored by friend, Jackie Trainer, and Susan submitted two pieces of artwork in their memory.

Susan believes art is beneficial in all aspects of life. She said placing the art in the hallways where people may be stressed, scared, or waiting, can only help those patients and their families.

“The Art Experience gives people with the gift of art, an opportunity to make other people feel better, or maybe just be temporarily distracted from an unpleasant reality,” Susan said. “It is my hope that more and more people will choose to share their talent with others, and in doing so, make someone’s day better.”

For more information on The Art Experience, contact Community Ambassador – Albany Laura Almquist via email at or call 660.726.1262.