New Trees of Warmth

For nearly two years, Mosaic Life Care Auxiliary has led the Trees of Warmth program to support the needs of patients, visitors and caregivers, with cold weather accessories.

Over the last year, the Trees of Warmth committee identified the need to replace a tree that was no longer usable. A new tree would need to be long-lasting and displayed beyond the holiday season.

When the need was shared during a board meeting, it caught the interest of board member Zack Workman. Zack has a passion for woodworking. He graciously volunteered his time to create a new design.

“The opportunity tuned my ears up because I like to be able to woodwork and provide something that will help people along the way, so I volunteered my time,” Zack says.

Gloves, scarves, hats and socks decorate three trees at Mosaic Life Care at St. Joseph, located by the SPA Desk, Emergency Department and Cancer Care. The Trees of Warmth continues to inspire the Auxiliary because the program represents the heart of their mission to enhance health care for patients and their families. Trees of Warmth committee chair, Nancy Martin, says she enjoys volunteering her time to the program and the Auxiliary.

“It makes me feel like I am involved with something bigger than myself,” Nancy says. “Like I am doing somebody some good besides myself.” 

To give to the Trees of Warmth, deliver donations of new scarves, gloves, hats or socks to the Philanthropy office, Suite 1115A, next to the SPA Desk. For more information, please call 816.271.7200.