Mosaic Gift Benefits Dialysis Care

Mosaic Gift Benefits Dialysis Care

Mosaic Life Care Foundation recently received $238,075.01 as a beneficiary of the Marsue Casebeer Revocable Trust.

Funds from the gift will be used for dialysis unit equipment, dialysis education for caregivers and patients and dialysis patient assistance such as medication and transportation.

Mary Margaret Gray, practice manager of Mosaic Life Care at St. Joseph, Nephrology, said caregivers are appreciative of Mrs. Casebeer’s thoughtfulness and compassion.

“With this incredible generosity, our Nephrology patients will be given the gift of life through assistance with dialysis related expenses,” Gray said. “To touch another’s life is truly the greatest gift of all.”

The Foundation is dedicated to ensuring exceptional health care is available within the northwest Missouri region.

Julie Gaddie, PhD, president of the Foundation, said she is deeply grateful for this gift received from Mrs. Casebeer’s estate.

“When donors, such as Mrs. Casebeer, include Mosaic Life Care Foundation in their estate plan, their generosity not only allows us to care for our patients today but ensures we can continue to provide for our patients well into the future,” Gaddie said. “We are grateful for Mrs. Casebeer, who in the wake of her own grief, found healing in helping others.”

For more information on planned giving, please call the Foundation, 816.271.6792.