Grant to Mosaic Will Support UMKC School of Medicine

Through its partnership with the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC) School of Medicine St. Joseph, Mosaic Life Care has received a $15,000 grant from the Patterson Family Foundation to support a COVID-19 Rural Vaccination Site.

In December 2020, UMKC began a collaboration with Mosaic Life Care at St. Joseph, Medical Center, to help address the state’s rural physician shortage. As part of the education process, Dr. Steven Waldman, vice dean of the UMKC School of Medicine, recognized the opportunity to apply for funds. The grant funding will support a COVID-19 Rural Vaccination Site and will cover costs including vaccine supplies, technology, payroll and overhead expenses.

Dr. Waldman said he requested the grant to showcase the Mosaic Life Care and UMKC School of Medicine collaborative partnership.

“The Patterson Foundation recognized that efforts to vaccinate our rural populations placed a significant burden on healthcare facilities and their staffs and wanted to help,” Waldman said. “Mosaic Life Care helped train 100 percent of our students as vaccinators and allowed our students to volunteer to help the vaccination initiative.”

The Patterson Family Foundation was looking for ways to help increase local COVID-19 vaccine capacity. As a family-led foundation extending the legacy of Neal and Jeanne Patterson, the Foundation strives to help lift rural communities through health care, education, economic opportunity and beyond.

Julie Gaddie, PhD, president of Mosaic Life Care Foundation, leads the efforts for Mosaic’s grant coordination.

“We are grateful for the Patterson Family Foundation and their belief in rural healthcare,” Gaddie said. “Mosaic’s partnership with the UMKC School of Medicine is a significant step towards improved access to healthcare services for our region.”